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         Free Windows and MAC Versions
  Caution: essential to install compatible version of gfortran; otherwise, use the source code version.


A Windows 64 bit version which requires Intel Fortran v11.0.

A MacOSX 64 bit version which requires GNU GFortran 6.1.

A Windows 32 bit version which

requires GNU GFortran 6.3

(also downloadable here).

After downloading, unzip the ZIP file into your top level (C:\) directory (Windows) or $HOME directory (MacOSX), then look for the README file for further instructions.   Please e-mail me ( with any questions about installation.

If you do not have the required Fortran compiler installed, you can still run the Interactive Driver and GUI, and work through the prepared examples and see exactly what PDE2D can do and how easy it is to use.

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