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PDE2D, a general purpose finite element program, solves 1D, 2D and 3D PDEs

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PDE2D, originally based on VNI's PDE/PROTRAN, solves quite general nonlinear, time-dependent, steady-state and eigenvalue systems of partial differential equations, in 1D intervals, general 2D regions and a wide range of simple 3D regions.

PDE2D features a graphical user interface (GUI), and an interactive user interface, which make it exceptionally easy to use, and extensive graphical output capabilities. A Galerkin finite element method, with isoparametric triangular elements of up to 4th degree, is available for 2D problems, and a collocation finite element method, with cubic Hermite basis functions, is used for 3D problems. For 1D and 2D problems, both Galerkin and collocation algorithms are available. Adaptive refinement and grading of the triangular mesh are available for 2D problems.


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